Tower Bridge Court

On the Tower Bridge Court contract, we had a unique opportunity to reuse steel provided from another site. Once the steel had been graded, tested and catalogued, approx. 40t was able to be used within the new build. This helped to reduce the overall carbon foot print of the job.

Reclaimed Steel testing

  • "When we took possession of the old

    steelwork, we had to undertake a series of tests to establish the mechanical and chemical properties of the steel,”

    Simon Piper
    Managing Director
  • “We cut a sample from each member and

    gave it a reference for traceability. Gammax

    Independent Inspection Service and Southdown Material Testing completed a tensile test, a chemical analysis and a metallographic examination."

    Tim Rackham
    Production Director
  • “Once the project structural engineer was

    satisfied the steelwork was fit for purpose,

    we identified useable steel lengths in order to

    minimise cutting and unnecessary wastage.

    From the chemical analysis test results, our

    Responsible Welding Coordinator, Tim Rackham, also checked the carbon equivalent values to ensure the steel was in the correct range to enable welding, where necessary, before commencing fabrication.” 

    Matthew Johnson
    Chief Draughtsman