A penthouse two storey extension on top of an existing concrete towerblock, with thermally insulated balconies added & a glazed entrance area.

Weight - 29.5 Tonnes

660+ Tonnes of steel

East Anton Primary School

100+ tonnes of steel

Hounslow Waste

316+ Tonnes of Steel

Luton & Dunstable Accident & Emergency Department

59 tonne main frame currently being constructed 

6 tonnes of internal misc steel items

Enfield Studio Mezzanine In-fill

83 Tonne Mezzanine infill frame with Durbar flooring

CLAAS UK - Alford

63.7 Tonnes Hot rolled

15.2 Tonnes cold rolled

Duke Street Ipswich

4 floor residential building

109.5 Tonne Hot rolled steel

Yarmouth Road

28 Tonne building sub frame